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Chapter 1 : The Monster

It was a large hall. Apart from the main entrance in front it had an additional door that opened in an attached small room. The lights of the room were extraordinary bright to eyes. There was absolutely nothing in the hall except the chains that tied those seven people for last fifteen years. There was a continuous beep sound played at high pitch which could make mad anyone listening to it for long hours. They were almost dead there. They were never fed there except Sundays. The brightness to break the sight, the hunger to break the strength, and the sound to break their thoughts and this continued for last fifteen years. They were captives of a true monster. Suddenly some of the lights got turned off. The irritating sound stopped. And all the seven looked up in fear. They started shivering sensing what was to come. The last time he came there, he beat the old man's daughter for a continuous one and half hours even after she fainted, until he fell himself getting tired. Then he stood again went near the fifth person who was a young one and take knife out of his pocket, hold his right hand which had only two fingers left and chopped off his both fingers half. The captive groaned and he smiled like if gave him pleasure. He turned to the old man who was almost fifty now and ripped off his muscles on chest with his hands only and stared the blood coming out of it like a newly wedded couple watches rain. They all cried, begged for mercy, apologized but nothing could stop him. He spent almost six hours torturing them with his new ideas. He was doing it for last fifteen years. The captives consisted of two men of approx sixty years, their wives. One girl who was the daughter of the old man and was almost thirty five and there were two other one boy and the last one was a girl. The entrance opened and he entered the hall. They all looked towards him as they saw a ghost. They hated that face most in their life. But it was the only thing they have seen in all these years. They didn’t know what day it was, they can’t remember what weather it was, they didn’t know in what year they were living. All they could remember is witnessing the brutality of that monster.

“How are you all my old friends” He asked smiling. All the sevens were praying to the god let me be killed from his hands today so that I don’t have to face him again. He moved towards the young girl, the daughter of the old man who was next to her. He looked her in eyes and roared, “Do u want to be freed from this. Today is the day”   He took a sharp long knife from corner hold the face of her in his left hand and pushed the pointed end of the knife in his neck . Blood spilled out of that. And she groaned like never before. He looked in her eyes like the pain on her face was pleasing him. He pressed the knife harder and she moans louder. He kept on pushing it until the pointed end came out of another side of her neck, until her voice choked in her throat and she fell on the floor. He stood and looked next to her father. His eyes were wet but he was too weak to cry out.  Her mother who was next to him had already fainted. He ignored the old man and moved towards her. She was lying fainted with her back on the floor. He pushed his knife in the middle of her throat as she came back to consciousness with moaning loud. He pulled the knife backwards keeping it inside the muscles cutting out the muscles between her breasts until he reached to the naval and he pulled the knife out of the body.  Then he moved towards the father who was shivering in fear. He had seen that monster for many years but today he was at his peak. He held his head with his right hand and struck it hard on the iron chain that tied him. Blood come out flowing through the crack as he cried out aloud in pain. Leaving him on floor he moved towards his last captive, the young boys who he liked most among all.
 “Do u know what’s your mistake my dear, “He burst out in laughter saying this and next second his face turned to red. His eyes stared him like he would eat him alive. He took the long blade knife and slashed his thigh muscles at three places. In next move he moved the knife across the cut made by him pushing the knife strongly inside the muscles and three slices of his thigh muscles came out if body with his knife. It took almost thirty minutes to him to completely skin his favorite one and he did let him die. He cried, he begged, he pleaded, he moaned, and he like a painter painting with full concentration Ripped of every part of body that he could think could Be took oIt keeping him alive. He unchained the remaining body and took it in the corner of the hall. He brought the jar kept behind the entrance and pour on the body. The loudness in his moan increased.
“You are getting much less for what have done” He shouted in anger and then took lighter out of his pocket. Lit it and threw on him. He dragged the rest four to the burning body and threw them in the fire to burn alive crying and moved towards the edge of the hall.

He entered the small room at the corner of the hall. A thin frame was lying on the floor. The front wall had a screen that showed the view of the hall. The room was absolute white. One cannot see anything but the white, wherever his eyes fall. For the last 15 years it was that entire she had been seeing. She stumbled as he helped to rise her up. She stood a step away in front of him. She had appealing glorious eyes. The perfectly carved face and the beautiful lips. I want your face to be the last thing that I see before my soul separates from my body, so that I may rest in peace for ever. He remembered these words said by him some day. He felt like an entire era has elapsed since then. He came closer to her. He was standing so close that he could feel her breath on his chest. He was staring her eyes like he was trying to find out some answers in them.
"One day when u will be with me I am going to talk to u, and talk to u and talk to u."
"And what if I get tired and fall asleep? "
"I will keep on looking the beautiful face of yours the whole night then, waiting for the moment when these beautiful lips will be in action again. I have missed this voice of yours for 6 years; I will not let u go that easily. "
"You are such a sweetheart." A few hairs blew and come on his face to bring him back in the reality. He stared the beautiful lips a few inches away. He was trying to dissolve the reality into a beautiful illusion. He recalled the oath taken by him on the great ceremony held the day before-  The person who shall commit  mistake shall be guided towards better alternatives towards leading a beautiful life and if someone makes the same mistake again we shall ensure he remains not strong enough to do the mistake third time. None of the wrong doers shall go unpunished to corrupt our society.
“Why did u do all that?"He said breathing heavily as if he was searching for the answer within himself rather than asking her. She could feel his heavy heartbeats as if they were coming from somewhere inside her own body. Her eyes were fixed to the ground. Tears came rolling out of her eyes.
"I will punish everyone who will even try to bring tears into your eyes"
"oh really"
"yes of course, your smile is the reason of my happiness, and I am very selfish person. Whoever will try to take away my happiness will get punished"
"u r  wonderful"  His hands moved on his own towards her to wipe off her tears but he forced it to stop. He tried to hide the tears that start coming out of his eyes too. He wanted to hold her and cry until all the rage in him gets washed away. He wanted to forget everything and start like nothing happened. But he knew this was impossible. There was nothing that could compensate the time that has elapsed. He knew he had to be strong in this situation. But why it was needed. She was all that he always desired of. He has seen the dream of growing old with her. To be near her all the time he could. Now the entire dream he has seen may have come to be true. He could start anew in a beautiful world where he was with her. In a world which he always desired of with the one who meant most to him in that world. He has determined what he has to do.
He came out slammed the door, and start moving towards the parking taking fast steps.
He was struggling with his thoughts sitting back in the Car. He pointed towards sector 9. The driver took a left turn and entered the judiciary section of the city. There was not very much crowd in this part of the city when compared with other parts. Though it was built taking the same area as any other society was built in that city, it didn’t consist of anything besides a magnificent symmetrical construction painted in white which symbolized peace. At the middle of the building “The judiciary” was painted in red. In front of the judiciary there was as much space as to accommodate one lacs person. This capacity was to be utilized in the cases of public execution. Parking area was built underground the whole area to make sure there will not be unnecessary occupation of area above. There was a 6 meter wide road which runs straight from the entrance to the building.
 "We are here sir” he looked the driver as if he had waked him up from the beautiful dream.
“We are here” he repeated. He came out and took steps towards the entrance of the judiciary. As he reached near the gate, the four security officers bow down to him simultaneously. He acknowledged the respect shown by them with a fake smile on his face and moved ahead. He moved to the fourth floor which has the chamber of Chief judicial officer which was of the highest rank in the entire judiciary system of any city. When the officer saw him coming towards his chamber, he stood in respect and came himself to receive him on the gate. He smiled and put his right hand on the shoulder of the officer indicating him to sit on his designated place. He remained stood in front of the table.
"Is there something important? You could have summoned me to your home."
“You are the chief judicial officer of this city, my friend. You should not come to home on any common man summoning you”
“You are not a common man, sir” These words of the officer put a smile on his face. How the things had changed in last two decades. He still sometimes found it unbelievable.
“What does section fifty seven of public execution rules stands?” He asked looking down towards the floor. His fingers fiddled with the pen on the table while he sat on the chair in front of the table.
“Whoever shows cruelty towards any person living in the nation or indulge in brutal activities towards them, shall subject to public execution” But why are u asking this at this time?
“Because, I am liable to be executed under that rule. I have killed thirteen people in the most brutal manner I could ever imagine and according to the rules of the land, I must be punished. Announce the whole city to gather in the judiciary compound tomorrow.” The officer looked at him as if he was talking in a language that he was unable to understand. He stood, come down on his knees to show respect and said in a loud voice, “who we are to punish u, who we are to judge u, who we are to punish you. You have created this all, the nation belongs to u. Every person residing in the nation owe his life to you, No one will let this happen. You have devoted all your life to make us prosper and expect us to take your life. What you say is the rule of the land, and what you do is our tradition.”
“I think you are tired sir, you should rest for some time, and we can talk on this matter when you feel good."  
He turned back to come out of the chamber. The peon entered with a glass of water and offered him. He took a sip and gave it back to him. He moved ahead towards the parking. The officer kept on looking him until he moved away of his eyesight. He asked the driver to take him to the hills outside the city. The driver was used to of taking him in that part of the land. The driver started the engine and moved outside the gates while once again he was in his deep thoughts. He saw the roads. Only a few vehicles were running. The entire city was clean. He remembered the populous roads that he moved on in the childhood. The unpleasant sounds of horns that everyone used to blow. The irritating smell of smoke produced by the vehicles. He wanted to forget everything that had happened since then. He wanted to live like time has not passed from those days. He wanted to sleep carefree like those days. But he knew this was not possible. Time is one of the mysterious phenomenons ever created. He wanted to hold it, take it back to those times but he was helpless. He came out of the car as it stopped. He came out, the driver handed him his notepad and pen as he always did when he come here.
 “There’s no need of these. Just go home, I’ll call u when I need u here” having said this he moved towards the woods. This was the place where the journey of his life begun. All the ideas originated here. He used to come out in these woods and sat down for hours whenever he became sad. The silence here was the best he got in his life. He kept on moving farther inside, until he reached the big rock where he generally sit. He moved to its edge and looked down once again. He always thought where these depth ends. The city was built on a hill area and this was the end. One could see nothing but dark looking from the place he stood. He saw on his left side, a pair of pigeon was playing inside their nest. Like there was nothing to worry about. They don’t have to think what the world was, what the others were doing, why the sun was shining over them, and why the people were meeting deaths. The only thing that matters in their life was they. He always wanted to live like that. This place has given him strength, knowledge, ideas Every time he came. He closed his eyes, like he was trying to collect something, to see something which he could not ever see with his eyes open. It was his childhood- she was in front of her with most beautiful face he had ever seen. She was smiling seeing him. A line of happiness moved across his face seeing her smile. He took her in her arms and said – I’ll never let u go. I’ll take care of u whatever comes. I’ll punish them all who try ever to bring tears in your eyes. She held her head on his shoulders. He tightened his arms getting her closer to him. And his took a step ahead. His legs came up in the air and went back down. But there was no rock to support it. He transferred the weight of his body towards the front leg and his body swung in the air to reach the endless depth lying ahead.
 “I want your face to be the last thing which I see when I will be dieing.”
 “I shall love u till my last breath, whatever you do”
 “Memory of u will be the last thing that I will carry when I have to go from this world to another world.”
 “They say love destroys, see the strength of your love, it built a nation”
 “Now you are with me, this is all that I had ever desired out of my life. I won’t let u go this time” his arms got more tightened. And every thought coming in his mind got disappeared……..