Chapter 1 : The Monster

It was a large hall. Apart from the main entrance in front it had an additional door that opened in an attached small room. The lights of the room were extraordinary bright to eyes. There was absolutely nothing in the hall except the chains that tied those seven people for last fifteen years. There was a continuous beep sound played at high pitch which could make mad anyone listening to it for long hours. They were almost dead there. They were never fed there except Sundays. The brightness to break the sight, the hunger to break the strength, and the sound to break their thoughts and this continued for last fifteen years. They were captives of a true monster. Suddenly some of the lights got turned off. The irritating sound stopped. And all the seven looked up in fear. They started shivering sensing what was to come. The last time he came there, he beat the old man's daughter for a continuous one and half hours even after she fainted, until he fell himself getting tired. Then he st…
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