Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Evolution

I was sitting somewhere inside the dense forest. I saw him coming at a distance. He was growing much faster than me. I saw his grey hairs as he neared. In these ten years he has grown from a young guy to and old man in his eighties. I remembered the first time I saw him. He was in a white shirt and maroon trousers. He didn't know to speak any languages and was naked. I recalled how disturbed I was. I wished to be never apart from her and have a wonderful love story. And her uncle destroyed it in a day. I felt the pain I never was able to kick out of my heart. Somewhere inside me I still loved her. But that didn't make any difference. Everything has changed in these years. I wished I could continue living from the day again when we were looking at each other in the school. But reversal of time was not possible. I felt the world around me vanishing in a brightness as he came closer. I was unable to see anything around me. And soon the witness begin to come down. Everything came back to vision Again. But it was not the same as before everything dissolved. I was in my school sitting in the corner of the common ground. I looked too young from now. I was alone thinking of her. It was almost a year since u saw her. I missed her so much. All I wanted to see her once before I die. I saw one of my classmates coming towards me. I felt his presence uncomfortable and wished he don't come to me and leave me with my thoughts.

Once again the brightness was up and everything around me dissolved in that. When it went back to normal I found myself somewhere on streets in the city along with some friends. Suddenly, a new person who knew one of my friend met and stat talking to his friend. He didn't even once saw towards me or told anything to me. But I found him annoying and felt his presence uncomfortable. One by one a lot of such instances from my life rolled out in front of my eyes. And when the last time brightness covered everything and the world came back I saw his smiling face in front of me. He was sitting on a stone near me. Before I could ask anything about what I just felt and seen when he was coming closer to me, he punched me with a question.
"Have you ever felt to be around someone even if there is no reason. And sometimes even if someone has not done any harm to you, may he have never met you, still his presence makes you feel uncomfortable. And you just want that they shouldn't be near you."
"Yes, I feel it many times. Is there something interesting about it?" I remembered the instances I hated to talk to someone for no reason.

"When you meet a person having common likes as you, doesn't it happen that you two spend a lot of time together. You just don't want your togetherness to end as you are enjoying every moment. If two scientists of same field meet they will continue to talk to for endless hours on their researches. But what if someone with no common backgrounds meet?" I remembered having awkward moments when I was sitting around with people in family and friends and I had nothing to say about. I just felt that how those meetings will end soon.
"Who is able to come closer to you? The people with same mindset or the people with different mindset.? "
" The ones having the thoughts same as us obviously" I said.
"Just like our mind, our souls have nature and characteristics too. Souls are form of energy that transmits waves continuously as per their nature and thoughts coming in our mind. If we are sitting somewhere with a set of our waves and someone come in the wave area with different kind of like wave we find it unacceptable and we feel uncomfortable with its presence. And when the waves match within acceptable parameters we are attracted towards the person. We want to spend time with them even if we never met. "

" If this is true, my waves match with every beautiful girl I see as every such girl attracts me or a lot of guys." I found the loophole in his theory.

He smiled and continued," There are there ways in which attraction emerge. Lowest among the three is attraction out of physical appearance. The attraction out of sight has the least life span as the physical beauty remains for a few decades. If the base of your attraction is the physical appearance what do you think will happen to your attraction once the beauty starts fading or in some accident beauty is lost?

Above this attraction exists the attraction emerging out of thoughts. You have seen a number of couples in which a partner doesn't match the good physical appearance that another posses still they attract each other. In this case the thoughts behavior and nature of the person and not the physical appearance is the base of the attraction. This attraction have a longer life span than the first. This attraction exists even if the physical beauty fades. But keep in mind that the thoughts and nature may be changed. And even if they don't change when a person die thoughts and behavior dies with him. So even if this is a slight longer it is also destined to end.

The third and the highest level of attraction is the one emerging at the soul. The first two types of attractions have an end and that gives a lot of pain, but the attraction through soul is eternal as the soul itself is. It doesn't fades, it doesn't die. It finds new bodies and continue to flourish forever. What the person says, what he think of you, how he behaves doesn't change your feelings at this stage. The change in appearance and nature and thoughts of the person in front don't change the attraction you have at this level. The attraction at this level becomes pure and divine and then it is called love. We mistake the first and second level as love.. but it's only the third level that is known as Love. Everything apart from it is attraction and attractions have and end. Love doesn't.
I think you are clear with the attraction that you had when you see beautiful girls and the distraction that you felt at the corner of the common ground of the school."
"Yes, "I was surprised at the explanation. This is what can be called the law of attractions. I started thinking at what level I was thinking of her.....

"When two people in this world participate in intimate relationships, a lot of souls engage in the race to find their way to get a body to born again and continue their journey in this world. But only one of them gets the chance. Now that you know a soul gets more closer to those having same thoughts emerging out of another, this gives the principal that more similar the thoughts more closer the souls will come. And in the race the nearest soul is going to get a chance to enter in the body of the baby to be born.  Which soul do you think will get the chance?"
"The one having nature closer to the thoughts of the two people involved in intimation. If the two have different thoughts going on in mind.. the more powerful thought among them would prevail."
"Exactly! And the nature of child to be born depends a lot on the nature of soul entering his body. And the nature of the soul depends on the thoughts of the parents. If the child does wrong things the parents gets disappointed over them. They think it is the child's mistake. But they never realised this nature emerged out of his own thoughts. This is why sometimes an scholar's son turns out to be thief and thief's son turn out to be honest. It doesn't what a person do that makes difference. The difference is made by what we think. What do u think will be the future of a child born while the couple was full of lust and joy, when they are drunk, or someone planning to kill someone at that time, or to a business deal, or thinking of betrayal and cheating the another partner involved therein and such endless thoughts?. "
" Souls filled with These bad qualities will enter our world and make it a hell to live"
"Don't you think this is already started. What else do you think is the reason of this corrupting society. There is a increase in crime rates every year. The cases of corruption and betrayal is increasing day after day. The number of bad souls is rising continuously. We think they are bad. But the badness has evolved somewhere within our mind and thoughts. We think badness is there in the  world and they think those courts and police could find out bad people and end the evil out in this world. But the evil is not there. Evil is within us our mind. And this is the story of the Evolution of this era that we name as Kaliyuga. Do you feel the power of the mind that everyone in this world has got. How better this could have been used and where we are moving. No god, no bad people, no evil souls are responsible for this dark period we are living. Only our mind and thoughts emerging out of it is the sole reason of the Evolution of the Kaliyuga. " I felt like being in another world when he ended. The theory of Evolution had shaken me from inside.
"What is the way out then?" I asked him.
"The situation will go worse as the time elapses. I am the past of this universe. You are its future. You have to find out the way out." He put his hand on my shoulder looked in my eyes and smiled. And I saw the brightness started dissolving in it the world around me. It signalled the conversation has ended. My eyes got closed by the increasing whiteness around me.I covered my eyes with my palm and opened it. I was in my bed and it was eleven of that day.

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